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The 2IIM Edge

How we're different from everyone else

Great Teachers, Great Teaching

Breaking through the 85% Barrier

To get to the 85% and the low 90's, one needs dilligence and perhaps little less. If you do the grind and fight to have a sound understanding of basics, this is the first plateau you'll reach. The climb beyond this is far tougher...

Making the Climb Easier

Climbing the Everest is a lot easier if you've got a guide who's been there before, and knows how to push you hard to get there yourself. We take the CAT every year, and pride ourselves on being there to push our students over the finish line.

How Relevant is your Coaching Institute?

How many kilograms of material do you ship?

Motivated CAT Aspirant

Our Country has become conditioned to measuring content in terms of quantity and level of difficulty (as in, tougher the question better it is). We measure our content in terms of relevance and impact. We focus on building the right fundamentals, addressing the correct level of difficulty and on not showing off what we know. We refresh our material to keep it up-to-date with the exam. We're constantly surprised that so many providers in the industry continue to supply entire books for vocabulary and syllogisms, when the exam has long since abandoned these patterns.

Does it help if you can solve the uber-tough questions? Maybe. If it helps you understand the idea better, we'll push you with questions that are pegged slightly harder than CAT level. But we'll always tell you when the question is tougher than you realistically need to be able to solve, simply because this is not the Olympiad.

Get the 2IIM Edge

Our teachers take the CAT every year and crack it on a routine basis.
We understand this exam and are passionate teachers.

Our director, Rajesh, is a 4 time 100 percentiler: CAT 2011, CAT 2012, CAT 2014 & CAT 2017.

The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating!

Try upto 20% of the Course for Free!

What we Offer

5 Free Classes

Learn 5 complete topics from basics to CAT level. These classes are representative of the whole course. We keep changing the topics that our users can view for free (just to prove that what you see is really what you get!)

Last Mile Training Guide

GD/PI/WAT guides are available to all users for free. We also have lots of guides for planning your preparation, and getting an exam strategy together.

CAT Topical Test Series

400+ CAT-Level questions in the form of a topical test series. Take tests topic by topic, learn to solve the questions through our detailed solutions, and review your performance through our powerful analytics.

Full-Length Mock CAT

You can take one full-length mock CAT for free, and review our test taking interface, solution detail and analytics.

What we don't Do

Hey! This customer really wants to buy a Hyundai i10. Let's let him testdrive an Audi A4!

Really Smart Salesperson

No showcasing of fancy videos: Some of our competitors showcase videos that are completely divorced from their online course. We let you view a cross-section of our online classes. If you like what you see, you'll love what the rest of the course has to offer.

It's really easy getting a refund online!

Said no one Ever

A refund policy is really not the same as trying a product before you buy it. Imagine trying to return a tablet after it's delivered to your house. Because we've all had such fond memories of returning things online... With 20% of the course on offer, 2IIM is the definition of letting you make an informed decision.

Online Courses are easier to deliver to any platform. Let's make students buy custom tablets to prove this point...

Education Gurus

There is no hardware requirement to try our course. Within 2 minutes after you sign up to try the course, you can start learning from the freely available classes.

Our Online Course, Now on Google Playstore !

2IIM's App

Fully Functional Course on Mobile

All features of the online course, including the classes, discussion board, quizes and more, on a mobile platform.

Cache Content for Offline Viewing

Download videos onto your mobile so you can learn on the fly, even when the network gets choppy!

Get it on Google Play

Prompt and Detailed Doubt Clarification

Every provider promises that doubts will get cleared in a short while. We go one step further. All the doubts posted by all our students can be viewed by any trial user, along with the replies that we have given for these. So, any doubts that remain unanswered for 48 hours or 72 hours reflects poorly on us.

So, go on, check out the discussion tab and see for yourself.

No one else in the country does this. Not because the technology is too difficult, but because it is frightfully tough to implement.

Technology that Enables Preparation

*Our Online Course will be available as a mobile app from the month of May.

Cross Platform Compatability


Compatible accross any platform.


Either App-Based or Browser-Based.
Start learning a topic on your desktop at home, finish up at your office over lunch on your laptop, and practice questions on your mobile on your phone on the way back. With 2IIM's Online Course, you can study on any device, mobile or PC, and sync progress and analytics across platforms. Competitors restrict their course to single devices.

Hardware Requirement


Works on any device.


You need to shell out for custom hardware.
Most of us spend ages comparing mobile devices before settling on the phone or tablet that suits us our need. It's almost cruel that a provider demands that you purchase their hardware to access your content. We will never require you to buy a device to learn from us.



Uses the best of both worlds.


Either always online, or completely offline.
Access our servers to update content when your internet is stable and view cached offline content (on your mobile) when on the move. With rival providers, you either get a course that doesn't refresh its content, or a course that requires you to be online all the time.

Optimised Technology


Custom content prepared especially for online platform.


Long videos of classroom lectures not made for an online platform
Our platform is customised for Online Teaching. We create all our content for exclusive use online. This allows us to deliver content using the best technology and teaching practices. Competitors use recorded lectures of classroom programs, sometimes running up to 2 hours (it's difficult to watch movies that long, let alone lectures!)

I've read enough. Take me to online.2iim.com

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Student Reviews

Read what other students have said about us:
  • Customer Testimonails

    To say that 2iim made my MBA prep and life simpler would be an understatement. It changed the way I approached the exam entirely. The faculty at 2iim start from the bare basics and slowly build the level up to CAT level questions and this ensures that your fundamentals are crystal clear. One of the best decisions of my life - To join CAT online coaching at 2IIM.
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    Bhamini Venkat 95th percentile in XAT '18, XLRI-HR
  • Customer Testimonails

    I have joined 2IIM's classroom program for CAT 2016 in December, 2015. You will start believing that you can crack CAT. The faculty here will establish, beyond any doubts, with proper reasoning that you need not be a genius to crack CAT. I recommend serious CAT aspirants to attend a demo class at 2IIM or take the free online demo classes.
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    Nagarjuna Vipparthi 97.76 in CAT '16, XLRI-BM
  • Customer Testimonails

    One of the most important features of the course that I felt was 2IIM's benchmarking of the CAT exam. You will never see a ridiculously tough problem in any of 2IIM's blogs, question banks etc, all the questions are relevant to CAT. I had a lot of help from Rajesh sir and the entire 2IIM team for my interview preparation as well.
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    Agastya Ramesh 99.61 in CAT '16, XLRI-BM

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2IIM's CAT Coaching in Chennai


Small batch sizes

We limit our batch sizes to 25 students for personalised attention. We know when a student is comfortable with an idea, and when it needs repeating.

Expert faculty team

All our faculty members take the CAT every year. We know the trends of the exam and what it takes to crack it.

CAT 2020 New Batches

Velachery April 19th


3:00 PM to 5:00 PM


5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Gopalapuram April 19th


9:30 AM to 11:30 AM


11:30 AM to 1:30 PM

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