Unacademy Copyright Violation Case


Unacademy's copyright violation of 2IIM's content

2IIM filed the case against "Sorting Hat Technologies Pvt Ltd", the company holding "Unacademy" on May 15th late morning. The hearing happened on May 16th and 17th.

The court granted a temporary injunction stating 2IIM content should not be found on the Unacademy website. The copy of the temporary injunction ruled by the Madras High Court that restrains the people mentioned in the injunction from putting 2iim's content on their site can be found Here.

Extract of the temporary injunction ruled against Unacademy and a few others by the Madras High Court as on May 17th, 2018

It is ordered as follows "That the Mr.Gaurav Munjal Co-Founder & CEO, Sorting Hat Technologies Pvt Ltd, rep its 2. Akshay Mehndiratta, 3. Bhavik Leuva, 4. Abhay Agarwal, 5. Gautam Bothra, 6. Nihal Reddy, 7. Peyush Gautam, 8. Siddalinga Patil, 9. Siddharth Gupta, 10. Varun Kumar Thota, 11. Ashish Mahala, 12. Navdha Khera, 13. Ajay Sareen, 14. Dipak Mishra, the respondents/defendants herein, by themselves, their Directors, partners, principal officers, successors-in-business, affiliates, assigns, servants, agents, legal heirs or any one claiming through them directly or indirectly or enabling others be and are hereby restrained by an orfer of interim injunction till 14.06.2018 from in any manner using the literary works of the Applicants in the 2IIM CAT question either in literary form or video form in another form or in any manner whatsoever amounting to infringement of applicants copyright over their indigenously, uniquely created/penned/authored 2IIM CAT questions and video presentations."

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